Great conversation with Dr. K., my LLMD (that’s Lyme Literate Medical Doctor to you and me).  I told her that I am trying to prepare myself for the diagnosis of late stage Lyme Disease, and prepare myself for the likely possibility that I gifted my sons with the bacteria that I didn’t know my body hosted.  I’m trying to stay cool.  Trying to research everything I can.  Right now I’m reading 5 different books on the subject of Lyme and I’ve signed up for one yahoo group and another Lyme board.  I already got corrected on my use of Lyme’s rather than LYME, and I don’t know if I want to go back.  I didn’t sense a whole lot of compassion and openness there.

They are screening “Under Our Skin” about 40 miles away from my home in a few weeks.  I think I’ll go see it.

I got the credit card receipt from Igenex today in the mail.  When Dr. K. called she let me know that the results will be back on Tuesday.  We talked about how symptoms play out for children who have been infected in utero and my kids are strong candidates for the disease.  She doesn’t know how to treat kids like this.

Tomorrow is another day and I will get through it.


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