Does Everybody have it?

I know that I live in Minnesota, but how can it be that damn near everyone I know has their own Lyme story?  My son’s best friend’s father.  4 weeks of anti-biotics.  Same for my brother-in-law.

My husband’s aunt has fibromyalgia that she always suspected was Lyme.  My writing sister with “arthritis” has always thought it was Lyme.

And now, I get an email from a regular reader of another blog I write tells me, through her cortisone shots and joint pains, that she, too suspects Lyme.

I’m sick of the drama.  Sick of the controversy.  And I’m so lucky I have a doctor that gets it.  Gratitude, baby.  That’s what I’ve got.

Test results today:  CD-57 is 72.  Not low normal at 200.  Not 8 or 14, or 23, but 72.  Not bad for chronic Lyme.


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