A Blog Post a Day keeps the Doctor. . ???

So today, my LLMD told me that her successful patients don’t spend much time on Lyme sites, chat sites, info sites, support groups, etc.  I may be misunderstanding her, which is darn common for me these days, but until I get well, and because I am. . .okay, so maybe I’m a little obsesssed with Lyme.

What does it mean to take a break from Lyme?  My acupuncturist recommended this to me last week.  My oldest son’s chiro said we were all too focused on the illness.

Here’s what I don’t get.  When you are fighting for your life, what does it look like?  The way I have always done the big “fight for your life” dance is by immersing myself in information.  Obsessing?  Yes.  

Now, how do I take a lyme vacation?  I don’t know.  I can’t take a lyme vacation.  It is always in my awareness.  The pain in my leg, my air hunger, my fatigue, the treatments, the supplements, the meds.  I do know this though:  I haven’t been writing.  My teaching sucks at best.  My writing is non-existent.  Granted, my brain doesn’t work as well as it used to, my organization (in thought and life) is warped at best, but I could still be blogging.  And today, I make a commitment to blogging daily.  Just one blog post.  I’ll start there.  Walk with me?


4 responses to “A Blog Post a Day keeps the Doctor. . ???

  1. Well, I’m reading, so write on!

  2. Keep writing. I get obsessed with things and over-immerse in information. It usually just stresses me out and makes it worse. The thing is, even when you are fighting for you life you have to remember to live it.

  3. So, is reading the Lyme boards and sites emotionally over-whelming? Or is it creating more hassle for your doctor because you are always learning pesky new things?

    I like you. Would you like me to bring you a chicken? Cooked, that is.

  4. my first instinct is to get as much info as i can too. but it is also true that at a certain point the info we have right now is enough — and what we need to do is take one small action that is about being healthy, not about being sick. right now i am keeping a meditation book in the bathroom and read a page each morning. baby steps are still steps!

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