The Something New Day

So if I’m used to being sick — fatigue, overwhelm, OCD, pain, spinning rooms and the like, what would I call today?  It wouldn’t be a normal day.

7:00 am Get the Large Creature up for a choir school tour

7:30 am Take my meds, make my olive oil/lemon/ginger morning potion.

8:00 am Begin multi-tasking and although I think I’m not getting anything done, I actually wash and hang 4 loads of laundry, depress myself with some Student Loan issues, call the Large Creature in to school, vacuum up the kitchen after the insulation guys, fold one load of laundry and put away, coach the Small Creature into watering the near dead plants and get this:  BUCKET, CLEAN, VACUUM, ARRANGE the kids’ room and hang a poster from Coraline:  The Movie.  

Holy Cow!  What happened to me today? I WALKED to school (3 blocks that I often drive) to pick up the Small Creature and other than a little minocycline induced crying jag and a bad moment of dizziness, I felt invincible.   I didn’t have any pain for most of the day (although the wrists and the left hip are screaming at me right now) and although the cleaning binge was OCD driven (and inspired by the Small One’s Swine-like cough) I wasn’t pissed off and didn’t feel the need to kill anyone.  There’s something new.

Maybe that is what I’ll call today:  The Something New Day.  I’m not going to assume that I will pay for “Something New Day” tomorrow.  It was just something new.  Dare I jinx it by saying, “I hope I have more of these?”  Maybe it is because I made a commitment to writing again.  Maybe that’s it.  As Adelheid commented. . .I’m figuring out how to live while I’m busy fighting for my life.  Thanks, friend. Lots of animal protein, frequent supplements (instead of just once in the am).  Maybe that added to my strength. I have to go find a chicken now.  Lots of chicken.


2 responses to “The Something New Day

  1. I’m gonna have to force myself to start eating chicken–!

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