The Little Guy has YET another bath!

He had a bath last week for the first time in 3 weeks.  And tonight, he bathed again.  Definitely an upswing.  

This is not exactly a progressive disease.  It isn’t circular either.  It has peaks and valleys, but I need a more accurate  metaphor.  If it weren’t already almost 11 pm I would go downstairs to get the revered Synonym Finder, but instead, I rely on my dear friend on AIM.

Lyme is like the waves in the ocean, Matt says.  It goes up and down and in and out and when it returns it is never the same size.  There is a rhythm, but it fluctuates.  Sometimes the waves break hard and other times they are gentler and manageable.  Ripples, air bubbles, steady, choppy, high crests, foam: Every wave holds something different.  Gentle rhythms or tsunami, you never know what is next.

Today, I promise to be present with the rhythm of the disease.  That’s what a life threatening illness does.  It forces you to live in the present.  

 ~ “A person can run for years but sooner or later he has to take a stand in the place which, for better or worse, he calls home, and do what he can to change things there.”

Paule Marshall


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