Kids Livin' on the Edge Again. .

Today the little guy woke up in a daze. Several days of just being a little off, but today he seemed like he was in a fog. He confessed to “not feeling well,” which is huge for him. He barely ate his breakfast, didn’t eat his lunch and I went down to buy a water melon at the food co-op. He loves watermelon. I came home and the big one, who I forget can’t be trusted came down as I was putting away the groceries. Neither of us could find the little guy, and finally I found him in his bed, sweating to beat the band, crying his eyes out. This boy NEVER cries. Ever.

So, I took him to the urgent care (damn holiday weekend) about 30 minutes away and had a wonderful experience. Strep. Rash was spreading all over his body. I think he has had it for awhile.

I’ve been a lover of all things natural for many years. Grapefruit seed extract, essential oils, herbs, accupuncture. All of those tools have their place. But oh how I’m loving the antibiotics today.

I am so tired of my kids living on the edge. I had dinner at 9 pm. The 5 loads of laundry I did today are a massive pile of terror, I got bit by a mosquito when I was getting them off the line. I’m just sooo tired.


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