And Devil Baby reincarnates. . .

Those of you who follow my car-free blog, you know about “Devil Baby”. For many months he has been a completely different boy. Not devilish, just fiesty. He dresses in a red cape and claims to be “Fiesty Boy”. Much easier to deal with than the old Devil Baby. This weekend we were at urgent care with a little bit of  “the strep”. Now he is on Amoxicillan and the lyme bugs are biting the dust at a rate that his body can’t handle.

He is mean, out of control, aggressive and today, I feel like I can’t handle it.

It is one thing to be really sick, have poison in your central nervous system that your body can’t process, but it is just too much to have sick kids. Today, as I get ready to go to bed, I’m realizing how little I want to get up and face my day tomorrow. I just don’t want to wake up. To more of the same with Fiesty Boy and Eeyore. I live with Fiesty Boy and Eeyore. And I’m tired.

Good news though. . despite the enormous financial cost to have a lyme test and a co-infection panel, I decided to have blood drawn and sent to Igenex yesterday for Fiesty Boy. He did great, even sick. He is such an amazing boy. They both are. And they are my heros.


2 responses to “And Devil Baby reincarnates. . .

  1. When will you get the results?

  2. They just received the samples today, along with my financial agreement. How great is that when I lab will take payments? Damn great. I think I got Eeyore’s in two week’s time. My LLMD will call as soon as she sees them.

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