Raising Immune Compromised Children. Where is the Primer?

Where the hell is it?

What are the rules?

1.)  Wash hands repeatedly.  But not if they lean toward Lyme-induced OCD anyway.  Then just let it go.

2.)  Let them play with neighborhood children and don’t worry about those runny noses and that fact that no child covers their nose when they sneeze.  Or, be the neighborhood freak.

3.) Don’t let them play outside, there are microwave wi-fi signals everywhere sending their cells into catastrophe mode.  Or, move to Columbia Heights where there ain’t no public wi-fi.

Okay, that is all I can come up with.

I’m herxing today.  Eeyore is sick.    I thought it was just a herx (said casually, like she has gotten used to this), but it turns out there is a neighborhood “Please, God, Don’t let it be the Swine Flu” epidemic.  Fiesty Boy is wildly fiesty and exceptionally OCD today.  He can’t eat pizza if the sauce is showing.  Great.  Next thing you know he will be lining up all his trains and sleeping on them again.

Shit.  Time to go check temperatures.  Oh man.  103 degrees for him is more like 104.  His normal is 97.6.

Closing point in the RICC Primer?

4.)  Keep your little freaks in the house forever and take frequent ativan.


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