Feelin' Groovy. . .

Had a good day, with just a moment of rage in the middle. Wednesday morning I had a great acupuncture session, really focused on the hip that gives me so much trouble. I cried during it, it was very painful for awhile. The spleen points were incredibly sore. I forgot to let her know that my spleen is enlarged. Oops.

At 1 pm, I attended a Qi Gong Practice session, which left me feeling balanced and energized.

Today, I met with an ancestor of sorts for a 30 minute one-to-one healing session. This man comes from the same psychic study tradition that I do. I believe that his wife was my teacher’s first teacher. I was hoping to find someone like my former teacher and healer, and he was that and more.

It was a wonderful, clearing, centering healing, but most of all, he affirmed for me that my body is very, very sick. People on the outside edges of Lyme Disease don’t understand how I can look great and function fine one day, and the next be supported by a cane, in bed or raging at my teenager. Frankly, I don’t get it either.

It makes me think there are ways to treat my kids that don’t involve antibiotics. Money, yes. Will they work?

To top off the day, my friend Jane took me to have a pedicure at the Aveda School in my neighborhood. It was a joy, and they look great! Each toe painted a different color. When I got home Fiesty Boy said, “Mom, when I look at your feet I feel happy.” I wish that were all it took to make my kids happy.


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