Small Town Doc with a machine that goes, "beep" claims he can cure my "LYMES"

I spent $500 today to have a doc with an Electro-Dermal screening machine give me lots of info verbally, yet refused to give me a copy of the diagnosis. He sold me a remedy, didn’t tell me a thing about what I could take and couldn’t take with it and then, when I asked his wife, the receptionist, about how I should space it with antibiotics, she said, “you can’t take it with abx, they won’t work.”

I told him we were on antibiotics. I didn’t mention that we were going to stop them. WTF? Why not give me a little more to work with? I always thought that consitutional remedies couldn’t be mixed with drugs and herbs but specific herb remedies could. Again, WTF?

Eyeore has an Iodine deficiency, exposure to Tetanus and Polio. He has Erlichia, Babesia, Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme) and Anaplasma. Fiesty Boy has exposure to Tetanus, Babesia, and BB. I have BB, Babs and Bart.

That’s what the magic meridian machine whispered to him.

I don’t know what to think. A shellacked image of Jesus greeted me at the entrance. And he claims to have cured 3,000 people in the past 20 years. He doesn’t know what ILADS is AND he says LYMES. Lymes, lymes, lymes, lymes.

How can 3,000 people be wrong?


6 responses to “Small Town Doc with a machine that goes, "beep" claims he can cure my "LYMES"

  1. I hate when people call it Lymes….drives me nuttty.

  2. “I don’t care if it rains and freezes, long as I have my Plastic Jesus”.

  3. Uh, was this clinic in a strip mall by any chance?

  4. Well when you write a book of short stories you will have to thank this guy for giving you such great short story writing material.

    Once when I was about 7 my mom sent me to my room and I was angry and hungry so I ate the shellacked and glued Brownie Promise done up in pasta alphabets right off the board it was shellacked on to. I wonder if the poison in the shellack weakened my immune system and let the spirochetes get a better hold? Is it too late to sue my Brownie troop? I think I may have a bad case of jet lag too and want to sue United who once again pretended they were out of bottled water when they were not – where did the “Friendly skies” go to?

    Getting back on topic (not an easy task for a Gemini) who referred you to Dr. Lymes?

  5. People get WAY too attached to this HORRID disease that they even get mad when someone MISTAKENLY calls it “LYMES” I can HONESTLY give a rats ass if they call it .. LYME< LIMELIMES>FUCKHEAD>MARGARITA>COMPLEX ILLNESS> JUST GET ME BETTER!

  6. Oh and I Love you MAMA… nothing against you!!!

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