When a little person gets sick, it is so hard to get information about what hurts.

Fiesty Boy’s latest is that he is “heartsick”. Each time he tells me about it, he holds his pained belly.

Not only are moms of chronically ill kids needing to be transportation, Julie the Cruise Director, family managers, accounts payable, account receivable (that doesn’t take long), master communicators, bullies, photographers, scrapbookers, expert cleaning ladies, safety monitors and cooks we are also expected to be medical intuitives.

Heartsick. Great observation. Perhaps he will be a writer someday.


2 responses to “Heartsick.

  1. There’s that shovel!

  2. Yes! This is so true! I feel the same way and lately it’s been getting to me! I am stressing about so many things. One of which is Brandon’s pain that he can’t describe good. Money of course! School starting…etc. I wish we lived closer so we could get together and have a “bitch fest” on bad days! LOL

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