Just My Imagination. . .

I so wish I could post songs on this blog so they could play as you open them. Try this while you are reading:

Today, my facebook status read something like this:

Mama likes that her delusions make for good writing material, but when the kids have them, she just gets really pissed. Anyone want to meet Neil Gaiman’s “Other Mother” in the flesh? Pissed today. Really pissed.

It seems I started a bit of a fear response in far too many people. “What does ‘Other Mother’ mean? The big frustration status update. Delusions? OMG!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Yes, Lyme Disease causes delusions. I’ve had them, my lyme friends have had them, my kids have them. And they really piss me off.

“Maybe it is just his imagination,” the woman at the store, who is overhearing my conversation with another Lyme friend.

“Maybe it is a fucking delusion.”

I flashed back to my first delusion. It was a few months after the tick from hell left its mark of Borrelia, Babesia and Bartonella. The Three Bs, I like to call them. My Uncle had recently died, and as my friend Meg so tactfully put it, “you had some unfinished business with him”. I had lost other relatives: a Grandma, and Uncle, my Grandparents from New York who we didn’t see very often. But Uncle Don was here, in our city, and we knew him well. Kind of a crazy, old, single guy. He was in the hospital for some run-of-the-mill emphysema issues and he was expected to recover, but died instead. He was buried on the coldest day of the year when cars didn’t start without help and we had to wear our serious Winter garb. No dresses at this Mass, that was sure.

Anyway, over winter break that year, I somehow ended up hooking up with my high school love for a double date with my friend Mary and my lover boy’s friend Clark. I was SCREAMING in the car that Uncle Don was there with us. I was terrified that he was watching what we were doing (which wasn’t very objectionable, actually).

That was the beginning of delusions. Most recent? I thought I saw the windshield wiper turn into a hand (like The Other Mother in Coraline) and reach out to grab me while I was driving. Good thing I have a sense of humor and a strong affinity for all things Dark and Scary.

Who needs drugs when you’ve got Lyme.



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