Local Newspaper Coverage of Lyme

Tiny Ticks Raise Big Concerns in Minnesota

Concerns?  Lyme Mama?  Worries?  Fears?  This article was written by the Outdoors writer.  I sit here in my office, looking out at the busy city street below.  I’m not an outdoors person.  Never have been.  I didn’t start camping until I was 38 years old, about 18 years after my lyme infection.  He got a few things right, a few things wrong, but it was clear the CDC didn’t pay him (at least not much) to keep the lies going.  

My favorite part of the article is that the Protagonist’s (Hero?) journey contradicts ALL of the Minnesota Department of Health Literature.  Their party line (and believe me, I’ve called–more than once to ask the same question) is that the tick needs to be attached for at least 24 hours in order for it to pass any infections.  This guy had his for less than 6 hours.

Nanananabooboo, stick your head in dog doo!   How is the Department of Health going to explain that one?  A mutant tick with a small belly?  Blame the time flying by on the Lyme Infection?  Who knows.  I think I’ll call later in the week and ask them. 

This article was another way we fluff up Lyme.  Even though this big, beastly man got so sick and his urine was the color of maple syrup, we still don’t have to worry unless we go near the woods.  You could poll my Lymie friends about how much time they spent in the woods and I bet at least 1/2 of them would say, “none”.  

Yesterday, Fiesty Boy was helping dad in the yard.  Together they were loading wet leaves from last season into the compost bit.  It frightened me deep down.  But I let him do it, because those were leaves from this part of town, not the bags that are from our friends down by the river (read:  deer hotbed).

I can’t let him get reinfected.  We are fighting so hard.  He is fighting so hard.  His tonsils are now covered with big, white, scary spots from hell, embedded deep within the red bulbous-like creatures that cause deep pain when I look at them. 

“Fiesty Boy, let me see those tonsils!”  What?  Do I expect them to be getting smaller just because he is on major doses of antibiotics?  I hope for it.  I dream about it.  But no change.  Never a change. 

Instead, I take him to the ENT’s office tomorrow for the auditory testing, necessary to prevent the whole Lyme Disease hearing loss that I had conveniently blocked from my knowledge base.

Did you know you could lose your hearing RAPIDLY from Lyme Disease?  Nope.  Me, neither.

I just hope it isn’t true for us.


One response to “Local Newspaper Coverage of Lyme

  1. Same article was in our local newspaper….I laughed when I read it. “Some cases can cause permanent damage..” No Shit!! That’s because those people (me included) have to fight for treatment!

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