Long Week. .

I’ve been teaching this week in a summer writing program for young people. It is exhausting me terribly.

The young people are smart, savvy and at times, rude. I typically work with homeschoolers who aren’t all about trampling each other to say what they need to say. To say this is exhausting is an understatement.

My cognitive function is okay. Better than it was last semester. Better than it was when I was anti-biotics. But still, not so good. But I’m getting by.

I begged the Babesia herx to stay away until Friday at 3 pm, but I woke in a puddle this am. But I made it. One more day to go.

The teenager has been doing great since we saw Shellacky Jesus Man. He has been able to get to his mini-camp every day this week at 8:30 am and then to Movie Camp for an hour or so after that. Tonight, though, he went with his friend to the pool and then over to his house. Came home a herxy mess. Shaking, having delusions.

Sometimes I feel like George Jetson: “STOP THIS CRAZY THING!”


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