Day trapped in the Clinic. . .

I feel like I spent the day at the LLMD’s office.

First appointment was with the little guy, then later for me. It reinforces how much guesswork is involved in this process. Starting anti-viral herbs for him. And ordered expensive out-of-pocket drugs for him.

My appointment was more exciting. There was a Psychiatry resident visiting the clinic today from across the street at the Hospital. I’m all about educating folks in Lyme Disease. I welcomed him with open arms.

It broke my heart, this visit. My doc talked about my case, which is, of course, quite interesting. Undetected Lyme for 24 years, undiagnosed. Three births, two good outcomes. Post partum issues, not classic. Great attachment at first, later distorted images of parent-child relationship. Family falling apart. Classic symptoms of chronic lyme.

Congenital babies that don’t fit the myth. My kids were not super sick from birth. Barely even noticed. Sensory issues, yes. Nothing else to be worried about.

I’ve never heard anyone else tell my story. To hear it, we sound worse than screwed.  Thankfully, my doctor walked me down the hall into the arms of my Get-down-to-business acupuncturist who helped neutralize the emotions and calm the intense abdominal pain.

Gotta love the body. This one works hard and has served me well. It has kept me alive, even while a serious bacterial infection(s) raged within. Now, I just need to figure out how to help it along, especially since it doesn’t seem to be able to cope so well anymore.

The story my doc told to the Psych resident? Just a story. A story with only a beginning and a middle. Now, I get to work with this tired, sick body to write the ending. Onward! I have to walk forward and create.


3 responses to “Day trapped in the Clinic. . .

  1. Nice, Jeanne.

  2. Jeane, I love the end of this. So inspiring. As you said, “Onward!”.

  3. Begin of the end…woo!

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