Step In To Chuck & Don's Perfume Emporium!

There are days when I feel like a freak. Days like today, when I don’t let my kids drink the neighbor’s water. Or days like yesterday, when I get into a fight with my teenager about drinking ginger ale with high fructose corn syrup or when I take the risk to go out to the dog food store, thinking I would be safe.

Normally I go to my little independent, Bone Adventure, but I was right there at the mall picking up a gluten free pizza (I should get paid for all these links. . ) at ZPizza so I stopped.

Clearly I stepped into bad chain store karma. I walked in behind the lady of the night who smelled as if she recently applied her Pure Poison for Women by Christian Dior.

I stayed out of her aisle. When she came down mine, I ran, like a freak holding 16 cans of dog food in my arms and under my chin.

By the time I left, I had the worst air hunger I’ve ever had, even worse than what I had at a park picnic yesterday when someone lit up a Marlboro (no link here, but thanks) cigarette.

I wanted oxygen. I couldn’t breath. I watched my almost 5 year old cross the parking lot by himself while other people watched me sit down on the curb. I finally said, “Finn, stay by the car” and continued to sit on the curb, breathing like I was having a heart attack. Anyone offer to help? Nope. No help for the child, no help for the woman who could barely breath.

Gotta LOVE our culture.

It has been an hour, and my air hunger is better, but not gone.

I’m scared by the chemical sensitivity. I look forward into the whole choir season for my teenager, and indoor playdate season and I’m afraid. And part of me just doesn’t want to bother.

How do I create a world that seems normal for my kids when people are so insensitive about chemicals? Unscented products folks. Laundry. Soap. NO DRYER SHEETS. No plug in air fresheners. No perfume. If you really have to cover up your stink, do it with essential oils or non-petroleum based stuff. You can find it Costco. I bet Sam’s Club even has it if you support that sort of place. Wherever it is, just buy it. Please?

At Pathways, where I attend one-to-one bodywork sessions, Qi Gong practice sessions and groups, they have a scent-free policy. If someone comes to a session with fragrance, and a chemical sensitive person has trouble with it the “offending” person is the one who leaves, not the one who is troubled.

I’m so tired of running. I must have looked pretty glamorous juggling all those cans of dog food though. Good thing I stopped caring about my image a long time ago.


One response to “Step In To Chuck & Don's Perfume Emporium!

  1. Bed Bath and Beyond, my personal hell. I gag when I walk through the door. I’m not sure there is actually air in there.

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