It Takes A Village to Heal Lyme

So, I sent this out to a few people earlier this week.

Dear friends,

Last week, I had a short healing with the Grand Pappy of my psychic/healing lineage.  When I mentioned that to my Doctor, she shared with me his spiritual view of Lyme Disease.

He believes that in order to heal Lyme Disease, it takes a village.  He suggests that we gather a group of healers together to raise the vibration in the room so that the pathogens can no longer live.   My doc has done this with one of her collegues and the shift was amazing.

So, this is where I come to you, my healer friends.

I would like any/all of you to help me raise the vibration in my body and the bodies of my kids.

If you don’t know about Chronic Lyme, it is a serious, life-threatening condition that was undiagnosed in me for 24 years.  I passed it to the kids and they now have Borrelia Burgdorpheri (Lyme), Bartonella and Babesia.  According to the medical/alternative medical world, neither of the parasite infections are curable.  So that is why I need you.

Once a month I would like to have many healers into my space for a chance to raise the vibration.

We will be meeting on the Sunday closest to the new moon to set the intention of healing.

Last month, I set the intention to die within the month.   My risk for suicide was high and finally, things have shifted and that risk is gone.  I hope, for good.  Now, I just need to keep moving forward into my acceptance and healing.  The healing with Ron last week helped to shift me out of that dark place, then running into a Physician friend who is treating Lyme helped, too.  He said, “are you writing about this?  It will make a great book someday.”  Gave me even more hope.

Please consider sharing your time and talents with us to keep moving us into our healing.  I hope that it will be a gift to you as well as to my family.  Please RSVP so we can be sure we have the space, the food (afterward we will have soup and bread to share) and so we can start blending our energies.

If you can not come to the event physically, but plan to do distance healing in any form, please let us know that as well so we can tap into your energy.  I am inviting all sorts of bodyworkers, lightworkers, drummers, shamans and healers with gifts galore.  I would love it if they ALL showed up, but I’m giving you 4 days notice this month.

We will meet this Sunday, October 18.  If you can’t come this month, maybe next. We plan to start at 5 pm on the dot, so arrive a bit early to settle in and help us begin to raise the vibration.

If you have a fun place for your kids to be instead of our house, that might make it easier for you to work and since Finn and Aidan will not be able to hang out with them.  We could put on a spiritually friendly movie (anyone have Ferngully on DVD?) upstairs, or they can participate in the healing, of course.

So, let me know if you can attend.  Let me know if you LOVE the idea, but can’t make it this month.  Let me know if you have friends that might like to come.  And please, let me know if you would prefer to no longer receive information on our healing events.  One of the hardest parts about asking for help is when people just ignore my requests.  Just a quick e-mail letting me know that your life is too full, or you don’t feel comfortable helping in this way would help my over-active nervous system calm down.  No is just as valuable as a yes for me.   A “no response” feeds my isolation and lights up my history growing up as the youngest in a large family.   A “no” is great.  A “yes” is great.

Thank you for your gifts and your presence in our lives.  I have had hope again for nearly a week and it feels good.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I just laid it out there.  I just told the truth.  My friend Peter agreed to be the leader of the healing circle this month.  Peter, Anne, Roberta, Gen, Ginger, Dennis and Ava were the hands on healers.

From afar we had two circles of healers, a healer dedicating her contact improv class and a variety of dear friends holding space for us during this time.

The boys and I were on the massage tables while the healers and my husband moved around us with instruments, healing hands and herbs.

In the first minute or two, I was in a full blown hotflash, and both the boys were nice and warm too.  There was a little shiatsu, a little reiki, some chanting, toning and a big glass bowl.  Ava brought in comfrey from my boulevard garden and rubbed it on the tops of my feet.  Apparently it stimulates and heals the nervous system.  Wow.  I had a tremor into my arms.  My bartonella bone pain charged up so intensely that I was crying in pain.  And then I called Roberta over to work it out.  She was so sensitive to the pain, but I assured her that she couldn’t do anything that would hurt more than it already did.

Finally, I anointed my children with the oil my mother last annointed me with, during the final days of her life.  “I anoint you with this oil as a reminder of your strength and your ability to heal,” was the basis of the blessing.  Thank you Carla for the reminder that anointing has amazing power.

I’m sure there will be more to say when I process, but before I forget, the greatest lesson learned is that I am doing it.  I have grabbed onto my disease, recognized that I can’t do it on my own (glad to let that myth go) and I refuse to be bugged by those people who say their “cure” is the only way.

This is MY disease.  I don’t want it, I don’t remember asking for it and to watch my kids, lying next to me on the table is so painful.  But here it is.  I own it.  I get to ask for help to see all the layers of healing and lessons lie within.  I am not the victim.  I am just me.  I am no longer going to the hardware store for bread, but more importantly, I don’t need to scale this wall on my own.

When I looked up at Ron during my session last week, I told him that the basis tenant of our Psychic Training was “there is nothing bigger than I am” and it no longer applies.  This insidious disease is bigger than I am.  I am not powerless, but on my own, I am not effective.

But I have a community.  And every month that community might look different.  But they will come and my family will be supported.

So, feel free to join me next time.  November 16.  The Sunday nearest the New Moon.  We set the intention for healing.  Whatever the hell that means.  ❤


2 responses to “It Takes A Village to Heal Lyme

  1. Jeanne, I love you. “Set the intention for dying” is so scary. I am crying. But I’m also crying about the healing. The gathering sounds beautiful. I was thinking of you and your family during that time; driving and listening to someone sing the Long Healing Prayer and praying for you. You set the intention for healing. I am glad. God be with you, my friend.

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