H1N1 Spreads, Spreads, Spreads

So the little guy has been waiting for a playdate with his favorite friend of all time, the boy who influences his clothing choices, the boy who influences our birthday invitations and the boy who he most disliked in his pre-school class, this time last year.

And tonight, I got the email. Fever. Ugh. We were SO looking forward to having him over. I know. . people have playdates all the time, right? But mom being strong enough emotionally and physically to have a playdate over here? It has been at least two seasons for that. Maybe longer.

So, let’s hope our dear Thomas the Tank engine loving friend does NOT have the H1N1. But seriously? If I fever is present these days, it is very likely.

I brought some chicken soup to the latest family stricken with the oink, oink. And I’m learning so much about the spiritual issues that seem to be coming out of this whole thing.

Without community this pandemic is/will be a nightmare. That means instead of posturing, we actually need to be OF community. We need to watch over, not only the 94 year old down the block who we don’t check on nearly enough, but also the single mom three blocks down. And the newly widowed mom a mile up the parkway.

Seriously. This is a call to community. I truly believe that is the lesson here. So wake up. Answer the call. Get those freezers full of chickens and tofu for soup.

I think every family needs a plan. Especially if you are vulnerable like we are. Okay, so our plan involves the other lyme families in the neighborhood, because they always come through for us. But the single moms and the elderly Grandmas need a plan. This thing is exhausting. And we need to start thinking about how we are going to deliver chocolate creme pies, DVDs and clean sheets to the people in our community.


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