Have you thought of homeschooling?

Meeting at school yesterday. That was the first question. Second was framed around the idea of his non-participation in the big tick infested trips. Something to the tune of, “maybe this isn’t the right school for him”. Ugh. And the best one? “Our special ed teacher says there is some controversy about whether or not this really is a disability. Are we comfortable just taking the word of the parents as documentation?”

I didn’t go on the defensive. But, I did get him to consider looking at an arts school for next year. Until then, we plug along on this whole 504 plan.

Having a chronic, invisible illness sucks. I’m 46. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for a 13 year old.


5 responses to “Have you thought of homeschooling?

  1. Ugh. Which arts school?–FAIR?

  2. I can imagine. He deserves a HUGE hug for going through that. I had a similar experience, and it was crushing. Luckily I had some amazing advocates, and he does too.

  3. I kinda had a similar experience…except no one in their right mind ever thought about giving me a 504 plan until 2 weeks before I graduated. Funny thing…well not really, but I chuckle over it once and awhile-I graduated with like a 1.14 GPA. Yeah, I was sick and unable to walk a log. No big deal…we’ll just push you through the system!

    It will all work out. It is good you have the 504 already in the works! Things should be easier because of that!

  4. Or walk a LOT…once again, I can’t write!

  5. Not FAIR. Hopkins Arts School. Main Street. For 9th Grade. Maybe?

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