Praise God!

My mother was a big fan of praising the lord. I just don’t get all of the hullabaloo about religion. Never have. Probably never will.

I was saved in high school and college a few times by a family member who loved me, but it never took. In fact, I have a couple of really fabulous born-again siblings. Love them. Plan to be with them in eternity.

But, if I don’t get in to their eternity, where will I go?

I wonder how that whole thing works. Does the bible really say that I have to be a born again to get “in”? I thought I let go of needing to be in the “in” crowd in high school. I’m really more about “GLEE” than I am about speaking in tongues.

Will we all be separated in the great beyond? Will I get to hang with my Bahai friend? Will I get to have fully loaded, gluten filled fish and chips with my quaker friend?

Isn’t saying someone won’t get into heaven because they have the wrong relationship with God a little like saying that if you aren’t drinking Pepsi, it really isn’t a soda? I think it is just some kind of strange advertising scheme.

Having a life-threatening illness is complicated enough. I think I’m “in”. I think God has a special place at the table for people with Tick Borne Illnesses.

I’m not worried.


3 responses to “Praise God!

  1. if you’re not there, then you’ll be wherever I’ll be, and we’ll have a gay old time, St. Peter or no… alterna-heaven is better…you can keep the gold paved streets, bring on the dancing!
    When they say “you can’t take it with you” does that apply to a well-stocked i-pod?

  2. ‘Abdu’l-Baha says souls will recognize each other in the Spritual World. 😉 See you there someday, my friend.

  3. love this entry. we are sisters for real, here and in the great beyond, where there will indeed be dancing and glee and gluten. ❤

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