Don’t forget to listen to Santa

Okay. Last week, the little guy wanted a pirate ship by Matchbox (what the hell is that, anyway?), a remote control car that can go into the water and a screeching monkey with a red cape. Grandpa ordered the got-awful screeching monkey (great for the nerves, I hear), along with the car.

I can’t keep track of all the stuff he wants. At least the big kid is being clear. He wants a MacBook. Oh. . now THAT’S easy. I have all kinds of cash around for that.

Was it this hard for my mother? I think Christmas should be banned. All the mind changing is making me crazy.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take the kid to see Santa. I can’t take the back and forth anymore. Once he says it, it becomes law, right?

Stay tuned for the post Christmas blog post, written by my husband, after the little guy sends the flingshot screeching monkey across the room, making me lose my mind completely.


One response to “Don’t forget to listen to Santa

  1. Kids toys that make noise disturb me. I wish i knew more, but that’s that. Oh and my own twin sister commented to my ma last week that i should have kids so her daughter can have some cousins to play with. And she’s lyme-aware!!! i have to re-train her again apparently…

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