Fatty Fatty 2 x 4

I’m sick and tired of being fat. Okay, throw things at me if you still think I’m a skinny bitch. But, having been thin most of my life, this is hard for me.

I was at the thrift store today. There wasn’t a thing I tried on that worked for me. My ass looked larger than life. I can no longer wear the short t-shirts or even normal t-shirts that I used to. And yoga? I really need to invest in a pair of control top pants.

Truth be told, I don’t just need SPANX for my hips, I need a whole body SPANX to hold in the inflammation.

Is it inflammation? Is it Babesia Belly? I don’t know. But I didn’t have it for the first 25 years of Lyme and now, I do.

Fatty Fatty 2 x 4. Can’t get through the kitchen door. Or the bathroom stall door. Nor can I get my pants or skirts over my ass.

How much weight have you gained with Lyme? Is it centralized in the Belly? Do you have a nice, jolly face now?

I lost weight when I first started on anti-biotics. Now, on the herbal regiment, I’m chunky. But only in places.

I know that it is very common to gain buckets of weight with Lyme, but is there a way to get rid of it? What is the best exercise to do that?

I’m considering a raw diet for the spring and summer. And exercise? Well, I still do yoga, even though it is limited. I can’t bounce. I can’t walk very far. And, sometimes I don’t want to walk at all, because seriously? Sometimes my air hunger is bad. Scary bad.

So, my exercise is limited, and I really need to get back to something. Maybe my Physical Therapist is right. Maybe I just need water.

Bring on summer. I’ll swim. And maybe get rid of the three extra tires over my belt line.


3 responses to “Fatty Fatty 2 x 4

  1. Can I mail you a copy of Green for Life? Or do you already have it?

  2. I think water is a good plan. Swimming is very calming. And I think it can be harder for people who have never felt “fat” to deal with things like this, because they can generally find clothes that fit, and fit themselves into small spaces, etc.

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