Day One: DesBio Treatment

So, I’ve been missing in action for awhile now. I’ve been preparing in all kinds of ways to start a new treatment for Bartonella. Bartonella scares the hell out of me. Me on Bartonella scares the hell out of everyone around me, and me. So, I ordered the Bartonella Series from Deseret Biologicals. Came today. And, I had a great day at Physical therapy so I was feeling really hopeful about my disease. Boom. Downed the first vial.

I feel like the next few blog posts should be password protected — mostly because I don’t know what they will say. I’ve heard good and bad about this treatment. But, I’ve done a similar remedy, and it nearly killed me, so although I’m not prepared for the worst, at least I have some support.

But for now. . I’m just going to roll along. I got so busy with the preparation, that I slowed down on Lyme Disease Awareness month. That’s what happens when you are trying to save your own life. Just part of the journey.

So, day one. Took the remedy (after EFT tapping it into my heart, my left thigh and my right hip). I didn’t have anyone coming over to hang with me until 7, so I walked a couple of jars of kefir to a friend. That was the beginning of the challenge. I walked up my street, turned, then couldn’t find her street. I only live three blocks away, but I was lost. My 5 year old got me turned around, and we got there. Dropped the kefir and walked back a more familiar route, through the alley.

Scary? Not really.

Three of the four members of this family are going through a super sarcastic, nasty, even caustic phase right now. We can’t get along for anything. I can’t stand it. But, I am NOT going to let anyone stand in my way with this treatment.

I lined up help, with the assistance of a few brilliant women, and even though I felt like I was losing it before this treatment started, I’m holding to it.

Time to breathe. . .


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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >Day One: DesBio Treatment | Just Till It Under <Loved it!

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