Day Two check in

So, yesterday afternoon, I panicked and asked Millicent, my lead co-ordinator for my helping hands site, send out a call for MORE help.

I have people signing up so that I won’t be alone. But the house was a disaster. Autumn brought food, made food, cleaned the kitchen (I went to Target with my wobbly hip and bought new dish clothes and the like), vacuumed and just made me feel safe. Nona did LOADS of kitchen prep after cleaning the kitchen like a scullery maid, while her girls conjured vampires and ghosts in my son’s closet upstairs, so he wasn’t relegated to the computer while we all worked.

Petercame over and cleaned off the floors and the table, scooped dog doo, took out garbage, cleaned the porch off and calmed my spirit.

Tom and Leland fixed the broken swing (YAY!) and tom got the hardware to hang the hope/wish flags. They also cleared off the shelf from hell, that has heavy screwdrivers and pliers and thing — the one I fall into, and knock stuff over when my eyesight gives me trouble. All boxed and in the man-cave.

Then, Eric came over. He vacuumed and cleaned the porch/music/sauna room, cleaned the porch, and when I hit the point of exhaustion, just talked to me about Lyme, treatment, his family, his new baby and my great neighborhood that is filled with love.

I rested for awhile, and then took movies back to the vid store, and stopped at Target for necessities.

And then, I went to bed. With trepidation, because the first night, I had some images. Last night they were hairy and creepy and snake like. Awful. Even though I was the only one awake, I kept myself sane. I reminded myself that they were only bug killing images.

Doesn’t mean I’m not scared. Today, I’m going to post a sign, one that I had back when I was taking Zithromax and it was causing all kinds of urban fantasy like experiences. “These images ARE NOT real. Go back to sleep. You are safe.”

I don’t like insomnia. But, sometimes fear makes it happen.

So, another update soon. I hope. Thank you to my amazing crew to date. Melissa, Austin, Sharon, Craig, Carstens, Krin, Melissa, Anne, Amanda, Sara, Candice, the crew last night, Jana and the Universe, who dropped off almond butter and a gift card to the co-op and, of course, anyone else that I’ve forgotten.

Feel free to stop by my porch and make a hope/prayer flag. Or send me one.

Love. Love. Love.


5 responses to “Day Two check in

  1. sending you… Love love love love love… ❤ ❤ <3… You have so many great people in your life Jeanne! I am so happy that all this help is lined up for you! Now kick some BART ass!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the open-hearted report, Jeanne. You’re a beautiful soul, regardless of any creepy dreams. That sign you’ll be making sounds just right.
    Hope you can get a nap in today…? See you soon. 🙂

  3. No need to thank me over and over – I know you do. I can feel it. Just get well – that’s the BEST thanks I could ever get.

    Standing by… love you!

  4. So glad I found your blog…lots to learn still about Lyme and want to follow your journey. You are in my thoughts this day….Hope all is going well.

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