Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

So, I’m tired. I’m really tired. And, instead of posting a long one, I’m just going to write a list poem. My hope would be to chronicle my symptoms since the last time I posted, which was day three.

Family was late
left alone, sobbed
Paul the librarian later
No picnic with the little guy
Carrie and Sharon. No agitation now.
Tree planted by Jen S.
Finn at Graham
Potato full, gluten free – gone
little guy with a friend all day
after Big ugly herx
Hand, Foot, Mouth?
Chicken Pox?
Who fucking cares.
Later, boy in bed.
Amanda quiet, peaceful, vial two
Cranial Sacral therapy
tired finn
Big kid gone for 2 days, farm
hang out with Krin
turned in a project
more tired
more tired
more tired
spent day alone
life threatening dysentery?
no, just detoxifying
napped for the third day in a row
watched movies — two
loved it
Big kid home, with live deer tick
smothered in alcohol, now.
Sore throat. Burning, painful, closing?

today, agitated
cleaning spice cupboard
lost energy
Spinach and cherries from Jen
time alone thanks to Autumn
heart can heal when there is quiet
Grandma and Grandpa cancelled the trip
sobbed. sobbed. sobbed
I have sick kids everyday.
And, I parent them while sick everyday.
I know how hard it is.

Shaky. Distorted. Flashes of light.
Difficulty seeing.
Smells. Too much. Too intense.
Fresh air.
I’m seeing a whole lot of my couch.
Bed. Rest.
Make dinner for Finn.
Put finn to bed?
Can’t. Just Can’t.
Stairs. Too big.
Really tired.
Cough that scares me.
MSRA cough?
Scares me. More than anything.
Ginger and vinegar bath.
Bed. Bed. Bed.


One response to “Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  1. We’re here for you Jeanne. Hang in there. =)

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