Well, I’m up and at ’em. Sort of. My bicep muscle is causing me to cry out in pain every time I use it. I have a head cold, that isn’t really a head cold.

Yesterday, I barely left the couch. Today, I don’t want to, and I’ll go back to it.

Delusions? Mild.
Appetite? None.
Panic and anxiety? Just a little. Cried, today, when the kids left (I know, I’m a contradiction, at best). And, I really didn’t want to be alone.

I’m alternating between sitcom episodes and a fabulous book: Wicked Lovely. Seriously? This is the most amazing book. And, although for years, I thought it was a wacky title, now I understand it. Perfect title. Perfect book.

Back to it.

Quiet really does help my heart heal. Thanks to all my friends who are helping me get some quiet and rest.


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  1. You have a lovely couch and I fully support your use of it.

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