Blogging has lost its thrill. .

So, I know people enjoy reading about my complex and fun filled life, but frankly, I’ve been really tired. And busy. Funerals. Showers. Meeting the school bus. It all wears me out.

But, I’ve had kind of a big shift. No, not in my body health, but in my spirit. Instead of longing for things that I don’t have the energy to do, I’m actually okay thinking about them. I’ve always loved to create things. I love fabric. I used to stitch at a major theater in town. And I built props for years. And, I miss it. The Lyme has greatly impacted by spatial relations skill, so my confidence took a nose dive about 20 years ago.

But my sewing machine is out again. And it makes me happy.

I had a big fail with a ninja costume a few months ago. I repaired a shirt. That was NOT a fail. I made a sling, but used fabric that was too flimsy.

And now, I’m heading down a new trail. Upcycling a big thrift store dress into a Hex Girls costume for the little guy for Halloween.

It is hanging on the line, today, then goes into the washer/dryer tonight (I have a major fear of bedbugs, so I’m taking precautions when I purchase from thrift stores), tomorrow we cut and sew.

I’m excited. And I signed up for the Jo-Ann Fabrics flyers that used to just make me feel bad. I’m inspired.

Have you seen this site, yet?

Upcycled By Ash

She’s an inspiration.


5 responses to “Blogging has lost its thrill. .

  1. I’ve missed your postings agrat deal – sorry for bad typing but broke arm when i fell lst week aand thingdsa are harder with one arm. I love that you’re getinb back to a physically creative passion, that’s lovely and ihope it brings you satisfaction and peaace. I’m back from a long trip through the south for the past month and not a single person i spoke to who didn’t have a friend or family member terribly sick with Lyme, i.e., not employable, bedridden, etc. . Truly disturbing. Be well….

  2. Hearing that you are happy makes me happy. Any day of the week. Even when I have a major migraine.

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