Re-Envisioning Community

Today’s Radio Show on KFAI!

We all have been in need, and know people in need. Let’s brainstorm ideas and find solutions to propel your care into action.

pathways minneapolis
How to Help A Friend Through A Chronic Illness Without Losing Yourself

Jeanne writes, coaches young writers and parents two young children in Minneapolis. As a do-er she always tries to find ways to change the world.

Ellen heals, grows and paints in both her studio and her home in Minneapolis. She deeply touches lives by being, rather than doing.

Together, they balance each other out.

Both Ellen and Jeanne live with chronically ill partners, and have chronic illnesses themselves.

They invite you to join their fledgling blog:

where they hope to have more conversations about Re-Envisioning Community


One response to “Re-Envisioning Community

  1. Jeanne, and Ellen, I love your new blog. Very touching, and eye-opening as well. My thought is that with “stickingaround” (GREAT name), you’re moving beyond simply expressing your needs and frustrations, to facilitating mutual learning, building community, and ultimately a proactive creating of support, including for you. A stroke of genius. Mazeltov!

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