Fear Does Not Keep You Safe

Nor does Ignorance.

It’s May! Most people celebrate Mother’s Day, after May Day and close the month with Memorial Day. People with Lyme think about coloring their hair lyme green, posting numerous facts about Lyme Disease and fighting extra hard for awareness and visibility.

I just want you to watch Under Our Skin. It’s now available streaming at Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, you could do your free trial week and watch it. For me. For my kids. And for you.

Anyone can get bit by a tick. Ticks are creepy little creatures that are full of infectious diseases. And last time I checked, not only was there no cure, there is still little or no education provided to health care providers. Period.

So watch it. For me.


One response to “Fear Does Not Keep You Safe

  1. That is really the best present you can give a Lymie, just watching the documentary, trying to understand.

    The movie is available on Amazon Video On Demand. It’s $3.99 to rent it for 48 hours, $14.99 to purchase a download of the movie.

    I hope you and your family are as well as can be today. Have a good week.

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