Babesia Blues

Photo by and of Lisa

Lying in bed, wasting the day away is everyone’s dream, right?

A day off, a nice little break, a vacation, sure. Day in, day out is getting a little old. I use to be a highly functioning Lyme patient. Remember my post about being the energizer bunny? I used to be able to push myself to the point of collapse, and now I wake up already collapsed.

This appears to be life while treating Babesiosis.

I’m thirsty. I can hardly keep my head up. In fact, I can hardly keep awake. I go through hours of chills, followed by serious, drenching sweats. My skin looks dehydrated. My heart is racing faster than ever. And I can’t do anything productive. I’m sobbing in short burst. I can barely make it to the bathroom. But at least with NO energy, I can’t rush into emotional explosions. *Bright Side*

Such is the nature of Babesia. My friend had Babesia as her primary illness. I have always seen mine as Bartonella, until I treated it really hard. Now, it appears that Babesia has the upper hand. My friend says, “You don’t have good “days” with babs, you have good “hours,” and that is no exaggeration.

I miss the good days. I think I had one last week, after stopping all babesia treatment for more than a week. But yesterday, I started a new product called, A-Babs. A lot of the natrapathic doctors and medical doctors are using it. You typically start with a drop of two. My doctor suggested even 1/3 of a drop could be devastating for me. But I did the 1/3 a drop. And it was terrible.

I’m having hours that are better, but so far nothing good. I’m not going to do another drop for a few days. Yes, I might just be the most sensitive person on the planet. Or at least ONE of the most sensitive. If there is a reaction to be had to a product or a treatment, I will likely be the one.

So, I need to look at it this way, at least it makes this $89 bottle last forever, right?

I’ll keep you posted.


4 responses to “Babesia Blues

  1. I admire your ‘just being there’ with your experience, and in continuing to faithfully share it with others. Reading about the vastness of your illness and how it manifests itself in your moment-to-moment challenges is wrenching. It sounds like non-stop chemotherapy, and I suppose that is actually just what it is. Go easy on that $89 bottle, but if there’s a silver lining in this, it sounds as though it does hold out some hope for hammering the Babesia. I’ve asked my healer cousin, with training in Matrix Healing, to focus on you, and she started last week. Love and support to you, Jeanne.

  2. Thank you so much, Laura. You are so kind and thoughtful. And I love hearing your comments.

  3. Thanks for writing this. I can definitely relate to having “good hours now instead of good days” and I am not even into full blown treatment yet (still in the diagnosing nightmare). YIKES! Anyway, thinking of you and can’t wait to hear when you’ve kicked the crap out of Babs! Grace under fire is tough, but you are representing beautifully.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experiences with depression and babesia treatment. I, too, have babesia as a co-infection. Treating it has been HELL! It helps to read other people’s experiences so that I know I’m NOT alone and/or going crazy. I am treating lyme and babesia with a doug-coil rife machine. The herx’s for babesia have got me crying at the drop of a hat for NO apparent reason. Yes, I have other herx symptoms too. But this one, is one of the worst. To anyone who reads this…you’re not alone. Whatever treatment protocol you’re using to kill babesia, if you’re feeling heightened depression, you’re killing them off. I’m beginning to realize I need to be more gentle with myself. There is NOT a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to living. Keep pushing through….if you’re rifing….take a break. Talk to someone. Keep going.

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