Feisty Sister Fund Project

Having Lyme & MCS sucks. No matter what your situation, you are likely spending at least 80% of your available dollars on medicine and treatment. And. . there is never enough.

When something happens in our lives, our sad budget situation gets even worse. It’s the way it is.

So, friends need to step up and help each other, which is what a few of us have done. This is not a glamorously funded organization. Most times, we can’t even pull together a fully functional brain from the lot of us. But what we lack in heathy brains and bodies, we make up in love.

Two links to visit, today. The Feisty Sister Fund. Feel free to offer your functioning brain to help us. WE could use it.  We aren’t savvy enough to be anywhere other than facebook and the auction.  Bear with us.  It is important.

And our current auction, to help Heather,  a beautiful activist, friend, musician, poet, love.


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