In three years of treating my multiple infectious diseases, I haven’t spend much time with treatments to target babesiosis. Maybe because it’s an elusive illness — one that most doctors say, “You don’t say. . .” when I tell them I have it. Babesiosis is one the “rare” illnesses. Or so they say. They are now screening our blood supply for it, because it’s appearing there so often. But the standard medical folks call it rare. I call it evil. Nasty. Wicked. And those are just the PG-13 acceptable words.
Babesiosis life cycle

The babesiosis life cycle is fascinating. In this image, they say that humans are a dead-end host. Oh, how my children wish that were true. Not true. Oh, and people rarely think of ticks being in the city, but every time I see a mouse, I know they aren’t far behind. Wikipedia’s image proves that. But I digress.

One of my Lyme friendly doctors told me that depression is the greatest psychiatric symptom from Babesia, and since I’m usually more of an anxiety gal than a depression gal (same thing, yes I know), and my depression has been increasing, he made me promise I’d start taking these meds.

Despite my resistance, I’m doing it. And I’m increasing the strength of the treatment as tolerated. But today, many weeks into the treatment, I am faced with the mother of all babesia herxes. Much like a complex dance sequence, this was my day: FEVER. BITCH. SHAKE. CRY. FEVER. PAIN. REPEAT. Yep. The fever is my favorite. Gives me a preview into hot flashes, which are right around the corner. I’m sure the bitch part is nobody’s favorite.

But I keep plugging on. FEVER. BITCH. SHAKE. CRY. FEVER. PAIN. REPEAT. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different combination.



  1. mine is something like this: open eyes : try to move : totally frozen: PAIN PAIN : CRY CRY : MEDS MEDS : CRYING CRYING: NAUSEA: wait for it…ok meds kicking in….now… BITCH ….TRYYY to MOVE …OOWWWW …BITCH …CRY…. sorry hunny im totallllly feel you. fighting RA and Fibro..nasty and evil too
    keep plugging on!!

  2. You nailed it. This is me. Infected at age 37. Now 59. I have lyme, babesiosis duncani, bartonella, ehrlichiosis, HHV-multiple, severe neurologic damage, terrible nerve pain, daily fever profuse sweats. I keep going because of continued treatment by my LLMD, pain MD. I want to be here! I love my family. I love my new first grandchild! I will never give up! Is it hell? Yep. Who would CHOOSE to be sick like this? ONLY because of continued treatment am I alive. Bless all of you. The truth will prevail.

  3. I am hoping this is a current “blog”. My husband found out he had babesiosis in July-he was hospitalized twice during July for just about 2 weeks combined. He was taking zithromax and mepron until the second week of October (this month). The past few days he has been feeling like he is relapsing. He has no spleen which is making this more difficult I understand. I would like to talk to someone about what treatments they have gotten and where-not sure the doctors around here have that much experience. (New Jersey). If anyone would email me that has this disease I would truly appreciate it. I will check back here for any response as well. I am hoping another hospital stay is not around the corner. Brooks088@aol.com

  4. I found your blog through other lyme bloggers. I hope you are now not herxing so much. If you don’t mind me asking, in which part of Minneapolis do you live, and what kind of help do you need? I know some local people there who might be able to do something.

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