40 days and 40 nights.

My life is so chaotic. I’ve been working on the practice of “one-mindfully” for several months. Trying to slow down my brain and my body and actually see my heart.

But it ain’t working. So, I’m taking the practice of Lent into my daily life. And doing something big. Very big.

I’m giving up the internet for Lent. Not just Facebook but everything.

A couple of stipulations though. Once per week (one hour on Mondays) I will check and answer pressing emails. I will post the writing prompt from my group, and upload all of the blog posts I’ve been writing while offline.

But that’s it. One hour. One regularly scheduled day of the week. Netflix can only be consumed (and believe me, my consumption has been nearly obscene lately) if preplanned and with another human being. No more disappearing into the screen.

If you need me, text me. But don’t expect me to answer promptly. I think I might like this exploration. And truth be told, it’s actually 46.


3 responses to “40 days and 40 nights.

  1. Its a good idea!

  2. Good for you to make a break from non-stop connectedness. I hope it will help you find some breathing space. To me insight and creativity can only come with ‘blue-sky’ time, when one can let thoughts come and go with the utter freedom of clouds moving. In these times, I think we can only achieve that quality of experience by limiting connectivity, obligations, and over-programming. I hope this will bring you at least some small measure of peace.

  3. Awesome, Jeanne. You may inspire me to do something a little similar! Anyway, good luck with your Lenten time.
    May peace be felt deep in your soul. Know that you fully deserve to experience Spirit’s peace. “Deep peace of the quiet Earth to you.”

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