Having Sensory Neuropathy is a wonky experience. Really wonky. Sensations to your nerves and brain are wonked out. Bad. So, last night, when I fell on the ice, it hurt. And then, later, I lost any semblance of balance I hold together on an average day.

Let’s just say “a little bit off balance” is my baseline. But this was like the earth’s driver had a penchant for the quick stop.

Then, the pain started. And it was bad. Heavy. Sharp. Nearly unbearable. Definitely non-weight bearing.

Fast forward 24 hours and I was in hell. Xrays showed nothing. Ice. Heat. Arnica cream.



One response to “Grief

  1. Charlie Brown would say “Good Grief!”, and I’m right behind him….I hope with all my fiber that today is — at the very least — a notch better than what you experienced yesterday. I am so sorry for all you’ve been through already and all the new challenges to face. I’m with you in spirit, fiercely, and if I were closer than a half-continent away, I’d be right there trying to help in whatever way possible. “Mind over Matter” only goes just so far, and what do you do when the mind itself is affected as well?

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