Super Freak. Super Freak.

I’ve made a decision to be that mom.  You know.  The one with the hand sanitizer in her mag-lite holder on her belt.  The mom who opens the automatic doors with her elbow, flushes the toilet with her foot and uses the paper towel from the trip to the bathroom to push the elevator button.

Yes.  That is I.  I am her.  And for the next year, I am committed to boosting my little guy’s immune system like never before.

Today I even said, “We aren’t freaks, we have wacky immune systems.”  That works.


2 responses to “Super Freak. Super Freak.

  1. Welcome to the motherhood. We’ve been doing this and more since the early years of having a medically fragile child. Welcome to hands washed until they chap and screening of visitors who will not understand what the big deal is. But it is a big deal and it’s completely worth it. Good luck on your journey to wellness.

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