Methylation Study

I’ve been studying methylation. The work of Amy Yasko is amazing, and really resonates me with me. I had a nutreval done for both the boys and I got very discouraged by the docs we were seeing. They just prescribe the nutrients that are missing or have low values for. But, this mama keeps pressing. WHY are they so low? This must be a more complex issue.  Instead of it being a puzzle, it is more like a chess game.


But they discount me and send me home with an expensive pile of supplements that have folic acid and B6 and at least one kid gets toxic. When I call the doc to discuss, he tells me that folic acid is water soluable and isn’t a problem, even if the body can’t use it. Ben Lynch, who studies and works with methylation believes differently. So, once again, I feel rudder-less.

I’ve found some lovely folks to study with. We are going through Amy Yasko’s books, chapter by chapter. I am overwhelmed.

Visit Dr. Amy’s forum. There’s lots of folks there can help you.

This is a complex world. But I’m determined to find my way around it.  And use the information to keep getting us stronger.


2 responses to “Methylation Study

  1. good work ninja momma!

  2. What? You, too? Ugh, this PANDAS/Lyme/Myco/Anything Else game is wearing me out. And my dd11, too. And I suspect my dd3, also. Possibly followed by ds7 and dd16. Oh, and me (Lyme, not PANDAS). And I suspect my husband. Wish we were close; I need to find out more about methylation. Dd 11 has been on methylfolate, and I just got methyl b12 to go with it. I’m sure there is so much more to that puzzle that I do not know. Our story is at Horribly maintained, what with raising a sick girl and three others on the tight rope, and all.

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