Lyme Disease 101

Lyme Disease is a misunderstood disease.

Lyme Disease has no agreed upon protocal.

If you don’t treat Lyme Disease when you are first infected (and treat it well), it burrows into your body and wreaks havoc.

Congenital Lyme does exist. You can pass it to your children, like I did.  They were born with chronic lyme.

People die from Chronic Lyme. It isn’t just the disease on the back of the tick spray can.

Lyme Disease is a complex bacteria that hides in the muscles, the brain, the Central Nervous system, the blood and all other organs and tissues. It makes people immune compromised, damages their detox pathways and makes them chemically sensitive.

The bulk of Lyme Disease treatments and practitioners are NOT covered by insurance. It is a financial nightmare.

Lyme Disease does not have a predictable arc. One day I might be doing full wheel in yoga, the next I might be walking with cane, or not be able to get out of bed. One day my son might be running all over the neighborhood with lots of energy, and the next day he can be emotional and tired. Some days my little guy is the sweetest boy in the world, and next he is aggressive and hurtful to the dog or to us.

To learn more about lyme disease visit these sites or make plans to see the film, Under Our Skin.


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